World Cup of Hockey format removes all margin for error

United States goalie Jonathan Quick (32) looks on against Finland during the second period of an exhibition hockey game, part of the World Cup of Hockey, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Toronto – Do not blink, you might miss the four teams in the World Cup of Hockey.

Unlike the Olympics and World Championships, pool play in the World Cup, it has been limited to three of the game for each team. Under the week, half is eliminated, it was Mashi up ratchet the urgency for the same favorite or underdog.

“Normal, in the World Junior and World Championship – but the Olympics -. You will get more than three games in order to prove the kind of their own,” US forward Patrick Kane, he said Thursday, “you third round robin game if you do not play well, you are going to be home. ”

The United States hockey jersey, Canada, the Czech Republic, team Europe team in North America, Sweden, Russia, Finland, two teams with will do the same in Group B, will be played in order to check whether to move on from Group A European Thanks to the integration, what lightweight opponent for the top of the country in which there is no, this is leading to the possibility of being a hockey tournament the most competitive in the history, and the opposite warm up.

“You should not take the night off. It’s not like the schedule of 82 games,” the United States of defense mat Niska Nene says. “But, it has been further compounded. Tournament’s deeper wax. you have legitimate superstar of all of the team, please look at the roster. I do not think it is possible to sleep you have anyone. ”

Canada is a clear favorite after going undefeated on the way to gold at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and the past two world championships. However, experienced players in Canada are accustomed to the procedures of feel out in the international competition.

Not this time.

“In the Olympic Games, but do not want your toes to the stub, you have a defeat, it is possible to learn from it,” general manager Doug Armstrong of Canada said. “You have only three to have to play the game, because the two teams are moved to the above, in this event, you try, you are every night, to win as many points as possible, you will want to struggle to what slowly Make sure that there is no. ”

US Saturdayagainst Europe and Canada that night, opens the tournament facing in the Czech Republic. Americans and Canadians faced off on Tuesday in a match of the qualifying round of the attention, the player of their team is the result of the game is you know it is possible to make a difference.

On the verge of crisis, you can only make a better play of the quality that you have too much.

“I pulled out it is best to all of the people, at the highest the desperation level that can do it, I think that’s probably,” Canada captain Sidney Crosby says.

Goal difference is that it make further despair is the fact that there is a wind up potential as a tie-break.

“So, you’re in the middle of the game 1, let’s say you have two down – in the playoff series, it is, have to work your way you can back it’s calm about poise, “says the North American co-GM Peter Ki by George Li” in the game is a series of games, you are your approach and what -.. you can get off a little Meide rail, of squeezing all that condensed all that to the minute fraction, you have a World Cup. ”

European coach Ralph Krueger, we believe that the format is to create a breeding ground upset.

“I this know really well with the opportunities for risk and the perceived weak as understanding and a favorite of this kind and the dynamics of the right hop-off pressure,” Kruger said. “We are, for us to I’m looking forward to trying to make that work. ”

North America of 23 and under team cage speed to burn in the Captain Connor McDavid other fourth 1 pick, Finland, the Czech Republic, there is a possibility that surprise everyone to protect the goal because there is a team, such as Europe.

All out of “really what level is to protect the goal in hockey, is all of the team seems to have a hot goalie and the goalie that can steal a game,” Armstrong said.

Common theme Thursday media day, they were athletes and coaches to explain that you are getting better by the day. It does not have much time to get the ramp up. As forward John Tavares of Canada put it, is the next best thing, because it is able to find a groove, there is no room for error.

“Consistency of play,” North American defense Seth Jones said. “We can not take the game. There are only three. It’s just two in order to move on. You are mathematics there was carried out, you can actually see how hard you’re going to be moving on. “


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